Friday, January 15, 2010

Horizons (still) not yet new

"Back to work today officially (short meeting on last Thursday) and we kick it off with a light bit of purgation. Yesterday, I wrote the email I was dreading, and I even sent it. Pause for noting how odd it is that email has officially usurped 'snail mail' (I am aware that I'm late to that party). I told my mentor, my literary father as he said it, that I wanted to write science fiction and fantasy. I guess it's a small thing, now and later, but I feel like there is a chasm between serious writers, those who are respected and win prizes and get their books made into movies staring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington and those others, who most notably have scantily clad women and dragons and hardly any minorities at all on the cover (okay they have that in common). And honestly, for admitting that I wanted to sign up for membership in the second group I was a bit shamed. 

I might have talked about, or dreamed that I talked about, a similar issue with Frank Miller and his opinion about movies making people stupid and lazy. His scowl was damning of those art forms (sure, let's go with that) just like the descendants of Thoreau and his writers stare in sad awe of the comic book and graphic novel. Truth be told, at my most ambitious I wish to be a bridge between the two if I can, maybe even one of those writers that invests in the mythologies and mysteries man seems unable to tear his mind away from, but in any event I am concentrating on looking forward. And that, evidently, involves moving my blog. 

I might have mentioned looking into allowing commenting on this thing. A friend brought it up and after looking into it (and asking others to look into it), apparently the mechanism I have used to deliver my freshest words to the world doesn't have that function enabled. Thus amid all those projects which bleed for my time, I will also be conducting a mass exodus of these characters elsewhere, realistically not to a promised land but hopefully a better one. I admit a morbid curiosity over what words might be posted in reflection, retaliation of my own. Because of those which occur beneath oh so many YouTube videos, I am afraid. But knowing at least some of the people that read this ramble of mine, I am encouraged. I believe I've decided on Blogger. Now I just have to figure out what to call it...

But I digress. Today I go back to work. I pray to whoever is listening that I am a buoying influence to the young minds I come across, that I will not fear them, or forsake them, that they will not fear or forsake me. I pray that I can, in whatever small way, enrich the experience of their lives and encourage the wishes in their hearts to bloom into something like belief. That we will together be able to, if not meet eye to eye, at least look in the same direction and see a brighter future in doing so, for ourselves, those we love, and even those we do not.  "

Posted from my old blog to my new blog. If you're so inclined you can go and look. Initially, I thought I'd copy all of those old posts and paste them here. Then I decided to let the old be old and the new be new. 

Short update, my mentor got back to me, and it wasn't so painful to hear his reply. As usual, he put on his wizard hat and did his Merlin impression, which is to say he talked a bunch and I went away a little insulted and a lot confused about what to do. But then, I guess it isn't a mentor's job to tell, but to show. Or maybe not even that. And the students are pretty good so far. They make me think I'm talking too fast, or using the wrong words, but since everyone does that, the problem more than likely lies with me. 

And just this evening I have finally finished drafting a story of mine. Too long for a short story and too short for a novella.   Pretty fitting that it doesn't fit. How else would it be mine, I guess. 

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