Sunday, August 29, 2010

Go upstairs to check the basement

Another week, and another end, and not much accomplished. For about a week I've been staring at the last few chapters of the novel scribbled down in summarizing paragraphs. I don't know the term for it, or even if there's a word to describe it, but I've seen it done for a script. Whatever the case, I got the rest of this bad boy more or less wrapped up and it all fits, finally, on one sheet of paper. I might have mentioned doing a celebratory type outing in honor of the draft being complete. I might have also mentioned that so far I've only mentioned it to another writer in the group. But I'm happy enough with it that I could eat out alone and still feel pretty awesome.

I'm less proud of phase two of a fairly deep regression. I'm still watching the anime, to be sure, but I recently purchased a video game and have also begun to dump hours and hours of my life into that as well. Helpful little program by the name of Steam lets me know how many hours I've spent and and when the last time was that I played. And no I won't be disclosing either of those bits of information. I am enjoying myself thoroughly, but it makes me wonder about the sort of obsessive manner in which I and other people I know play. To quote a text message I got from a friend who also recently began playing the same game, "[It's] ruining my life." He was joking. Mostly.

Looking forward, I've been thinking about the next novel, which will be my grandest undertaking to date. As a longer prose work of science fiction, a lot is going to be required just for the setting, never mind the story. And I'm hoping that all the books I've written thus far, all the outlining, all the world building will make it easier for me. Still, when I think about it, it gives me a headache. Technology is a huge part of it, from sophistication to transparency, which ties to culture and society. Cultures and societies. It took me weeks, maybe even months (very lazy, slow months) for the fantasy series. Most simple was the series set in the modern world (I didn't have to build the world, contrary actually, a lot of work was done for me by saying Baltimore or Catholic). So I guess I've been building towards this the entire time and never knew it.

And the Atlanta Con is upcoming (I started but never finished a mock epic about a group of bums questing across Atlanta to get paid as zombie extras by over-eager cosplayers; for some reason I like to think of it as the Dragon's Con instead). Once again, I've made no plans to go, saved no money for tickets, and have had at least half a dozen people telling me I should've done otherwise. In addition to it being a neat opportunity to see people dressed in costume and see actors of popular media, I've heard it to also be a good place to network and present oneself and works to the world. I haven't exactly looked at the process or prices for having a dealer's table or some other related thing, but I figure one of these days I'm going to have to get that much more serious. Which might make continuing to play games more than a little difficult, kind of like walking upstairs and downstairs at the same time.

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