Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just maybe I'll fly

I'm to the point now where the first handful of outlined chapters are practically chapters themselves. It is relatable to a term taught to me by a friend steeped in screen writing. I forget the name of the term, of course, but it basically is a summary of what happens in a scene before its actually written out. So I'm feeling good. The introductions went well enough, thus completing the first week of writing; after looking them over, I asked myself the same old questions. Do they catch the reader up fast enough? Do they include the most pertinent details (that the reader wants to know) of the immediate and of the distant (that the reader needs to know to make sense of the story as a whole). Sometimes I wish I was the type to be able to write a whole book, throw it away, and then write a better one.

Along with those things cramming my brain pan, I've also found myself reading two other books. One, I'd say is for a friend and colleague, the other is for a colleague who may one day become a friend. Likewise, I was introduced to the concept of interview swapping. Apparently, authors read each other's books, type out a review then swap, giving the reviewed author permission to put the opinion up wherever. I can't say that the idea had never occurred to me. At least, I'd heard about it, but I suppose my surprise derives from my thinking that I'd never be doing it personally. So hurray for new experiences.

Further, I have met at least one author that has called up a book store, and was given a courteous, if robotic, email concerning the scheduling of a book signing, free of charge printing of posters and promoting of the event. I was wowed to say the least. Everything else thus far has been relatively long and hard fought. Twenty one rejections before one acceptance and all that. It's true that I don't know how many stores were phoned before that one, though. Certainly, I hope that isn't the case with me if I go that route; I'm not sure there are that many bookstores close to me. So at least the promotional brainstorming is proceeding well.

I think I've put my last story up on fictionaut before my release. It feels a little defeatist to say that, but thinking about the writing I plan on doing, and the reading I've obligated myself to do, I somehow doubt I'll have the time to perform anything but a half-hearted attempt at short fiction. I feel drained, though that might have something more to do with the day and not the time. 5:45 looked as ugly as I remembered this morning, staring at me in the hateful guise of my alarm clock. But who knows what I'll feel up to once I get back to a more humane sleep schedule. Maybe in addition to all the stuff I could do, I may also develop super powers and fight crime.

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