Monday, March 21, 2011

I believe i sound real

The promotions for the book continue. This week, my words can be found in two different places: One Writer's Journey and Author Spotlight. I've only seen one of the posts I've done so far appear in another place, but despite that I feel like things might be occurring beyond my keenest senses, as if I might be imagining things or they might be real. Either way, it seems sensible that I'll find out sooner or later if all of this was worth it, spider-sense of no.

I'm a bit proud of myself for an accomplishment only I know about (so of course I'll share). Friday I came home with an intent to write after helping a friend out . What I actually did could scarcely be called that; it was more like spraying words at the paper blind-folded with results about as startlingly bad as one could expect. But I saw it; I felt it. I knew that I was just spinning my wheels. I was tired and had lost momentum. But instead of being stubborn and forcing myself through, or being despondent and deleting what I had, I saved the file and stepped away. I didn't get back to that chapter until yesterday and I was able to read through and accept what I did effectively and cut out the rest. By the time I was done I was even sort of happy. I remember a version of myself that would've been incapable of that.

Also on the list of new experiences was calling up a local B&N about a book signing. I realized something immediately: book stores every where get many weekly calls regarding book signings. The person on the phone was immediately exasperated when I mentioned the two words in the same sentence. He explained about warehouses and books and asked me if my book was in their warehouse. After he found it online for sale through his store, his attitude changed rapidly. I felt bad suddenly for anyone who didn't have the right answer to his question. He put me through to his manager, and after some exchanges, it seems likely that I will have a signing in September. The store is near a school, so with April booked up, May being a slower period which creeps into a lazy summer, the next high traffic period should occur in the Fall.

Twice this past weekend I was congratulated by friends on my release. I'm not sure if that feeling can wear itself out, but I might actually be lucky enough to find out. A few others asked about what happens next for me. Many of them know I've written much more and farther than is represented by my published books. The sci-fi novel is still out to Tor; my fingers are still crossed. The book which follows the one just released has been waiting to be submitted for some time. The last I heard from that publisher was to wait a few months after the release to submit, which makes sense. Even if accepted, if the novel doesn't sell it's unlikely they'd want the next one. I find it somewhat fitting that the next thing for me is waiting.

A co-worker shared some thoughts with me about science fiction, specifically how South American sci-fi, which is an off shoot of American, identifies differently with the common tropes, namely the dystopia, the wasteland, the alien and the robot. For instance, in a situation where the status quo is oppressive and exploitive of the majority, the alien figure is a symbol for improvement and often takes the role of the protagonists, unlike common American alien mythology where the other is evil and dastardly, and only wants to eat our brains. Anyway, I found that to be fantastic food for thought. 

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