Monday, March 28, 2011

(A) little grown

In addition to blogging today, I'll also be working. My laziness scheme occasionally suffers from sick co-workers that need me to cover for them, which I suppose I don't mind so long as its only every now and again. Speaking of uncommon occurrences, I also got to see a bunch of friends on Saturday. That yearly gathering where all of us Aries get together and toast all the birthdays passed and about to be. I also played StarCraft for the first time. Also, when I got back I was happy to note that the last of my promotional posts was up and viewable. I shared it with those same friends, because it was my favorite, and because it was about them.

But working today and partying (that's technically true) Saturday left an unusually tiny space to get the writing done. Three chapters in one day. I started at around nine and finished close to two and was pretty pleased with myself. For bonus points, I even went back later last evening and edited them. I feel like either the writing or editing suffered from that tight window, but I won't know until I go back after all the novels are drafted. A friend of mine told me once about an author she admired that did roughly 4-6000 words a day. I'm not sure if I've ever been that prolific; I've had days where I've done that, but never more than two or three in a row.

I finally got in the last of my rejections from the short story submissions I made back in January. Thanks to a helpful grid I made, I have checked off which pieces I've sent to whom and what the result was. From that, I've spring boarded into plans for a next volley, and I'm only slightly affected by whats-the-point-itis. I'm a little blurry about what the plan is, for the short stories at least. On the other hand if I don't submit then I certainly won't get anywhere. On some submission forms, the magazines ask about other works that the author has published. Until now I've never had anything to put into the blank. It would be interesting to note if filling that space in now would make a difference, and how much of a difference it would make.

The reviews are trickling in, also. An old roommate from college finished the book and gave me his thoughts. It was very gratifying to know he enjoyed it; he said that what added to that was that he could hear my voice, while reading some of the passages it was like I was narrating to him. He said he told a few people he knew that I didn't about it as well. I told him that I had finally realized that telling others about the book would be more helpful than telling me, however much I wanted to hear it. I used to be voracious for that sort of thing, to the point that I was labeled by some as the "feedback monster." I guess it's time to put it to bed.

So I'll be one year older pretty soon. I guess that's the theme: realizing that I don't like all video games, working on a Monday, understanding a little better about word of mouth. I think I'll wear hard shoes today in honor of that. Psych.

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