Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Backwards, into the future

It was a long weekend, but also a good one. Writing got done, friends got seen, and I even had time to visit an antique store and blow through a dresser full of old postcards to gift something unique for the holiday. I also possibly had my last outsourcing experience at the theater where one of my friends works. It's something I do from time to time, initially as a volunteer and later earning actual compensation. I sort of fell into it, really, wanting to learn how it all worked. But it became very rewarding. I work so much with abstract things that I found the flip side of the coin a nice, occasional, change of pace. I even got a cool picture of myself grinding a steel balcony set piece to make it smooth and actor friendly.

But before I had my last day there, I edited the chapters affected in tight spots between seeing old friends and working. Objectively speaking, I think the chapters came out fairly well. Sometimes a chapter is enjoyable to write; it has interesting plot points and does the work of advancing the story from a certain character's perspective. Sometimes a chapter is less enjoyable to write, though, because sometimes things need to be told not because they're cool or awesome but for the sake of those cool and awesome things. A complete basketball game, even one for the ages, has its boring spots, even for the players. I have to admit that I did somewhat rush the editing. I had limited time because of a previous obligation along with other editing I recently agreed to do and I realized that it takes more time to chew through those chapters than I thought.

So I guess I'll hope my editing chops are up to the task. And I say editing chops because I recently had a friend ask me to look at his work for him. He's a classmate from college and is far more famous than I, yet he thought enough of me to get me to comb over his words on a weekly basis. What's more he called to express his appreciation. I was surprised, pleasantly. It's been a while since someone has complimented me on something like that, or at all, come to think of it. But I guess with the critiquing I've been doing for years, and working with my other writing friends on their stuff, it isn't so strange.

In other writing updates, I believe this week I'm going to try to start sending out queries, after I look over my letter again. I didn't get as many eyes on it as I would've liked, but sometimes I feel like if you want to get something done, the best way is not to wait on other people. And speaking of getting things done (or not) I never did start that outline for the next novel. However, I checked the handy dandy calendar on my phone, and it seems that after this last week of work for the spring semester, I ought to have at least a couple weeks of nothing so I can commit to things like that. I'm also going to try to double the pace of the current works in progress with a goal in mind to finish by August. I feel the need to say again that this three books simultaneously idea was really stupid. And if there's anyone anywhere reading these words (even in the far off alien wasteland future) heed my words: don't do it. However, if I can pull this off, and stay on track, by 2012 I'll have four books done this year, which overall is not a fantastic pace, but I would count it a productive 2011. 

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