Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[You will] write

I slacked off yesterday and did not blog, nor did I have a good reason. In fact, I went to work without even needing to; I got the dates mixed around. Fortunately, I got to see some people and even do some work that needed doing. That wasn't the only thing that worked out strangely in my favor, either. A writer friend of mine, whom the Fates have smiled on recently, was sharing with me his progress on one of his latest projects and I, being me, asked a question. In reply, he joked that asking the unexpected question wasn't like me at all. I was shocked out of a day dream in wonder over what he had said, and what it had meant.

After further investigation, it seems everyone else that knows me is in agreement. Up until that point, I had assumed that the questions I asked were simply ones people were too lazy or disengaged to voice. It turns out that at least in some cases that I don't share the thoughts of many others. I wasn't really sure how to feel about that, however I absolutely felt something.

In other news, yesterday prompted a one-month reminder for my book signing that will be at the Georgia Tech bookstore on the 15th of next month. I'm on the calendar and everything. Though, more exciting than being on the calendar was the thought of being on the other side. I went to Tech, at least for my first two years, a student in the wrong place in the wrong time trying to accomplish what, I still don't know. Back then, the bookstore was in a different location, and they didn't have any signings, at least not that I was aware of. But maybe, at least in passing, I'll see someone just like me, except I'll be on the other side of the table, seated, maybe not, smiling, maybe not. Some good advice to give, maybe not. Looking back, I'm still not sure what I would say to a younger self when he says, "So wait, you're from the future... well, tell me something important so we can be rich." Suffer yet more, and be an engineer, you dunce.

Also, a miracle happened on Sunday. I woke up, and decided to direct my voluminous creative energies on the next project. I decided to start reading the 2nd fantasy book so I could begin going over the notes I wrote down for the 3rd. And I was really happy with what I produced. Things felt crisp, and there weren't too many typos. Suddenly, I was involved again, invested to finish up the year with a 4th book written. Over the past few weeks I thought it would be really difficult to give up my vacation. I had watched so much television, complete show after complete show. The free time was off-putting at first, but after I had something to put it in, it went quickly. I thought I would dread coming back to writing consistently, and I might have had I not remembered why I wrote the stories down in the first place. I smiled and chuckled and nodded through six chapters and by the end of the day had a plan on how to proceed. Because of the critique group, I have a few stories to read, and I'm not done yet with the judging for the ebook competition, but all of these things together comprise reading different things, thinking about the use of words, and executing my own  craft, which results, I strongly believe, in a more keenly honed skill.

So overall, I don't know myself nearly as well as I hoped, as well as I thought my efforts would result in. And I suppose for the time being that will have to do. At least, I know what I will do and perhaps that's enough.

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