Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dangerous concessions

The desktop having definite issues is in its final stages, which is to say I haven't turned it on in weeks and I'm slowly weening myself off of using it. With that though, came the trappings of a very negative situation where I wouldn't be writing. I think like most people, I made plans to make myself feel better, but had little to no earnest commitment at following through: I'd stay after work and write, or go in early, reserve days just to hang about the library. Fate intervened though, and I ended up getting Word on my laptop so I could help a friend out with his academic work. At that point it was easy (easier). All I had to do was open the program and write. And then...

So I'm pretty happy to say that the writing got done. It was strange to feel the difference in the key strokes, the placement of my hands, the sounds in my ears as I pecked along, but I made it through. I sigh a bit though to think that for the next few months (at least) this will be the new routine. I never realized (but could've guessed) how stuck I was in sitting in a given chair, in a certain room, typing on a specific kind of keyboard and staring at a distinct screen. Now I can write anywhere (technically). My old man urges cause me to grumble at that. What's the saying, to live is to change...

I've started to have a good back and forth about my fantasy novel with an editor at the other publisher. It was a bit like pulling teeth, but things are coming out now that I can appreciate. The story is interesting enough, but I'm not making it as easy as I could for readers to receive all the detail I worked so hard at putting in. I've been assured that the changes won't muddle my voice and the story will be better for it, which are all things I can get behind. I suppose I can't complain too much that it took so much back and forth to get to this point. Reading over the notes, it's somewhat interesting to note how things are different from editor to editor. I have more than a few decisions to make, and as usual my feet are dragging.

I think also that the promotional momentum concerning the March release has gone properly dark. I haven't thought twice about even looking at any sort of review or interview in weeks, and I can't really be sure why. Consciously, I know that if I were to push at that particular boulder week in and week out there would be some progress, however small. I presume (read: hope) I'll get the hang of that particular situation one of these days. That and selling myself to others (which is a trend that keeps going into and out of vogue, imagine that).

I should also get on the last round of judging for the ebook competition I signed up for. Even though I'm not participating in the category I entered my book, the list of finalists was released and mine wasn't on it. And I'd be lying if I said that didn't take some of the wind out of my sails. I figured it wouldn't break through, though. The editing wasn't great, and the writing could've been better, but I guess even though I self deprecate, part of me was still holding out for a miracle. On the other hand, I also try to hold out for the kind of miracle that would make my decade rather than my day.

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