Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today I'm back at work, first day of the new year. So far, I'm keeping track of how each day has gone, because there are so few of them. Because I plan on making this year better than the previous one. Appropriately, it started off with some victories and some failures.

I said I didn't think I'd be able to do it, and then I did. I'm speaking of the 8 chapters I had in mind to write during the time that I was off. Two days after I typed my doubts out into the aether, something like a perturbed energy came over me, and I started writing. Call it drive I guess. Whatever the case, I finished the eighth chapter yesterday morning, and felt good.

Then, I realized how much more work I have to do on that manuscript alone (at least as many chapters as I wrote over break). Then I realized how much more work I have to do on that series alone (going back and making each book better, line for line, chapter for chapter).  I guess the idea is to celebrate the victories less and appreciate the defeats more.

Also, the finalized cover for the April release was wrapped and sent to me. I like it, and will probably be posting it soon, here and on my main website. The main thing I'll be working on soon is the blog post for the first promotional opportunity of the year. The deadline is February 4, a date which I anticipate will be creeping up on me quite quickly. Especially since I need to take pictures. Perhaps this will segue into more visual elements being posted to this blog. Don't hold your breath on that.

Talking to a few artist friends, with the holiday malaise looming, the topics of motivation and self-denial came up, one being the thing we all seek out, and the other being the thing we all seek to avoid. Over and over again, I kept coming face to face with the startling realization that however much luck can impact one's trajectory, there's also another, possibly more important component to success. Call it drive, but, I guess naming it isn't nearly as important as having it. Talking about writing, or painting, or playing isn't actually writing, painting, or playing.

Heh. To that end, I digress.

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