Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All downhill

Well, it finally happened. I'm blogging about blogging. Still, despite this being another ill omen, I remain optimistic that the Mayans were wrong. Day by day, I find more things to add to my bucket list.

But back to my doom saying. Last weekend the picture taking progressed well.The photos were amateur of course, but I did do the driving and the walking and the shooting myself, so that's something. Further, among all the other things I was busy doing, I even jotted down some notes about what I would write. A tie in to my books developed that I was very pleased to stumble across.

The first round of edits went well, also. I had a window of ten days, and set out on a pace to complete the first round in seven, which allowed me to turn back around, as planned, and refine the beginning. I got it back to the editor in nine days, confident that I could put that book to the side for at least a few weeks while I worked on the current drafting project.

To that end I wrote, and was happy with the chapter that ended up being saved and backed up numerous times. However, I was wrong about that window of weeks. I mentioned before that this editor works very differently from the previous one I had. It turns out I was more correct than even I was aware. The turn around between the first round and second round was a matter of days. I was a little stunned.

So now I'm currently in the second round of edits, and I am committing to the same plan. This time, I combat the deadline for the blog I took all the photos for and the growing exhaustion over reading the same book repetitiously. I wondered openly in conversation with a friend about how other authors don't end up disliking the results after combing through them half a dozen times. Maybe, I thought out loud, that was a big requisite for going into the process super excited about whatever draft. Editing is a guarantee that dulls such excitement.

Last year, a writer friend told me publishing three books in one year was hard work. She is a pro at marketing and networking, so I assumed she meant all the smiling and hand shaking. But I think if I had to feel all year like I do right now, jumping from information form to information form, cover to cover, editing phase to editing phase, I might go a little crazy.

But then, whenever that cartoon man finds himself atop the giant rolling ball careening downhill, there's only one direction he can run, and he knows it has to be a sprint. There is no stopping, even though gravity has plans for him.

By the by, here's the new cover.

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