Monday, August 25, 2014

Back (on) track

Trying to form better habits. Still not sure if blogging regularly is good, in the long term. Creative story ideas abound.

Yesterday I attended a writer's group meeting, something I hadn't done in some months. I got up that morning and churned out a large bit of chapter 7's draft. At the meeting, labeled a "write in," I pecked away at a few more paragraphs. Functionally less productive. But then, there were things to discuss. A younger man sat down next to me after coming into the room, and looking around at all the full tables. I was reminded what it was like on the school bus for the first day of junior high. I offered, he sat, and said, "what's your story?" and nodded at my work. I never knew it could be that simple of a question. I couldn't tell him all I wanted to say in one sitting, and I felt good and bad about that.

And like I said, there were things to be discussed. The group was considering a joint publication project, for a variety of reasons. One stuck out to me as odd: "publishers want people who are already published." Chicken. Egg. What? It was not the sort of meeting that disintegrated into bickering and cyclical sub-conversations. People had done research, and brought constructive ideas. Not a lot got done, but I was satisfied with the conversation. I double checked on some copyright information for stories I have floating out in the aether, making sure I could submit them. I noted that I could, stated that I was ready to contribute immediately, then retired back to my cave. My only other outer thoughts were "since we're working for free, those doing the work should have the most consideration for how we do things."

I mentioned chapter 7. When I finish drafting 10, I am going to go back and take a good hard look at this new path I've struck down. I had an intensive critique session with a writer friend that I came away feeling very good about. I am close to loving how things are being smoothed and folded. When I look back after chapter 10, I will be able to more definitively state my feelings on things. On the horizon are the things I must do for grad school submissions. Even though it will be this weekend, I am not even considering the local convention. It's on the list, attending as a guest and not a patron, but a few places down, I think.

I'm back again to having a solid idea of what I want, so all I have to do is focus on manifesting the how.

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