Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cancel the weekend

Another weekend done, which means I've got another week of staring at the three paragraphs of my synopsis ahead of me. Looking back, the weekend was good. I wrote another chapter this morning. I'm trying not to examine it too much, the healthy pace. I chalk it up to having thought about the novel for a while before sitting to put it down. Today's chapter was a little emotional. I feel a little embarrassed saying I got a bit choked up, though I can't say why. I do wonder if the feeling of the author is better transmitted through the words if the author is actually having feelings.

Also managed to hang with friends and take in a show downtown. I enjoyed myself. I thought the actors were well utilized, and the subject matter of the movie, though grandiose, was given a good bit of dignity with a combination of attention to detail and well-paced story telling. I've seen most of his American work. Del Torro is the kind of guy I'd like to meet one day, shake the hand of, and show my writing to. He has a good mind for saying what needs to be said, while not rushing, or overstating.

On that note, I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet. I'm tired, and I seem to do my best work in the morning, and I seem to have my best mornings when I go to sleep in preparation for them. I really hope I don't dream about giant evolving alien dinosaur monsters from the bottom of the ocean. 

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