Thursday, July 25, 2013

I say, I say, woosa

Done and done. The synopsis, along with the RTF of my fantasy manuscript went into the aether today. I hope it returns with something more positive than rejection. It was weird, looking over it one last time. Up until I was double checking everything in the email itself, I had totally forgotten that a book was going along with the synopsis. It was like the only thing I had to send of note was those three paragraphs, every word scrutinized, every paragraph compared for content and character. After that, I felt bad because I felt that maybe I hadn't given the same consideration to the novel itself.

I think that's why I sent it. Being neurotic wasn't going to help past a certain point. I worked, I worked hard, refined, edited, analyzed, all that. It couldn't be perfect, and just becaise it was good doesn't mean they wouldn't say no. I just needed to put my best foot forward, and trust that it was the right foot. So, the clock starts now. I figure I won't hear anything back before Halloween, and that is the normal turnaround. I've heard stories of worse, and worse, I've heard stories of success that included a 12 month wait time. Patience is a virtue... and a pill.

I also sent off my 1,998 word Sci-Fi Western submission. I called it Man in a Bottle, after ruminating on the double idea I was working on, the idea of the man being trapped in the town and being trapped inside the bottle of liquor that webbed his mind. I found my way to that title through a stop over with the idea of the Impossible Bottle, of which the Ship in a Bottle is only one sort of puzzle. That sort of thing is really interesting to me, not so interesting that I would want to do it, but something that would make me stop and marvel at. The competition is to run from August 1 to 7. We'll see how Rupert fares. If you are interested at all, here is a link to the page where the entires are accumulating.

I feel pretty relieved, headed into this weekend with only writing to do. Just writing. Just right. My next book comes out next Thursday, and I guess I should be tearing my hair about how to promote it, but I'm sort of really not. Although that does remind me that I'm still waiting on the review to my second book... I wonder if they forgot about me... I wonder who I would even talk to about that. Would it be rude to send a humble email of inquiry? Was it posted somewhere and they just failed to tell me? What if it was posted, and then got taken down already? Heh. I think I can imagine a version of myself that might have been freaked out about that, like before people learned to shrug.

I'd be lying if I said that something couldn't happen tomorrow that would ruin my calm. But I think right now, if only just for right now, I'm good.

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