Saturday, July 27, 2013

Location, location, location

I didn't blog yesterday, and I don't feel bad about it. The every day thing just felt like a lot, and there didn't seem to be much of an increased readership, despite my updating the content every day. Nor am I really torn up over that, either.

Did chapter 5 today, and that was interesting. Was sort of a full circle bit. The main character of the 8th book is an antagonist in the 1st, and what she was doing and why were left somewhat up to the reader to infer. I feel good that I get to tie up all these loose ends, although, writing it down and getting it so people can read it are two very, very different things. The way things are going, the last book of the series won't be out for another few years. Little sobering to consider that.

I was reading another author's blog, and they were complaining about someone stealing an idea from their books.  I don't know any of the specifics, so I won't speak on it further, but it's a strange thing. Intellectual Property. Just the other day I was watching a spin off of a popular, supernatural show. It had a black vampire. In the first episode, someone alluded to where he was a century previous, in what kind of miserable state, and they were juxtaposing it against their situation in the story's present. He was likened to king of New Orleans. When I wrote about an African American vampire, back in 2007, I was happy with the concept. As the years have rolled by, I've watched the niche integrate. One here, with long locks and light eyes, one there with short hair and a chip on his shoulder. I imagine eventually they will try to take full advantage of the black experience in America, and lay vampiric experience over it. I wouldn't be very mad, shouting that I did it first, but nor would I be upset if someone read my book and made a movie about that instead.

But I'm not naive enough to assume that the idea occurred to me first. I'm not nearly as well-read as most people, so I really can't be sure. But I've been in a book store or two in my day, seen the stacks upon shelves of different authors all writing, so I'm sure the idea occurred to someone else.

I have it in mind to draft chapter 6 tomorrow. I'd like to take full advantage of this momentum for as long as I have it. I wrote about the difficulty of getting the ending right, weeks back, and I haven't thought about messing it up, not until right this second. Maybe it's not so much about doing the ending well, but telling a good part of a good story. It being the end is of marginally related relevance.

Saturday night, and I'm not out, but I am in a good place, I think.

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