Thursday, July 4, 2013

No not less

The editing is done. The fourth book is due out next month, and will complete what I have begun called Cycle I. The first book, Where Shadows Lie: Bay City, is followed by Hunting Grounds, Steeler's Mill, and Campaign Trails, respectively following the stories of Nickolas Hughes, Jarvis, and David Cruz. Readers who read the first, and liked the first, will all have their opportunity to follow their favorite character, or them all, deeper into the greater story and world. I feel a wee bit accomplished, and that's mostly not a lie.

However I also think it's time to take a step back. These past few years in publishing found me making a lot of mistakes, most of which I will not enumerate here. Suffice to say, I might be farther along my way if I had tried to published less, and attempted to network more, or at least advertise my first publication more. I still spend time trying to get people to start the series, and I get questions from people about where the story begins. Oops. Moreover, what got me to this point was all the hours of writing I put into the whole process, and more and more these days I feel like it would behoove me to go back to that. So, we're going to get back to writing. I'm serious this time.

I also plan on changing this blog, at least in the short term. I've always known about the ravenous nature of potential readers, that a blog has the best chance of surviving by being updated, early and often. I just couldn't see myself blogging everyday. A good friend gave me a great idea though, in that I wouldn't have to talk about me, or even talk. Just write. He suggested I post character sketches, little write-ups about imaginary people who may or may not one day exist. "That," I said, "I can do." I even built on the idea, to post about characters that are in my books, ones that get less time on the pages but are no less developed or detailed. So, the goal for that is to write and post everyday, for four weeks. The thought, I guess, is to see if it yields in more hits, more readers, more fans. More something.

And I have very little else to report. I will not only talk to you again in four weeks, but in three, in two, in one. Tomorrow.

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