Sunday, July 7, 2013

Not so fresh beginnings

No sketch today, though I did write. I wrote in at a write in, whatever that means. Local meet up I joined recently had a gathering at a coffee shop. Going in, I didn't know how it would work exactly, but then again, I also didn't know it would rain. So basically, I was enthused to get in and out still fully clothed.

I sat on a couch in a corner, trying not to think too hard about my seating position and what it communicated, or how upwards to 16 people would cram themselves in a near enough vicinity to write in as a cohesive group. The place is an L-shaped building filled with an obstacle course of tables, chairs (both tall and short), and couches. As it turned out, less than the number that RSVP'd were there, and other people encouraged by our herd status joined up during the meeting.

I finished a draft of the prologue for the last Where Shadows Lie book, wedged into the couch, pecking away at my laptop, distracted only occasionally by the odd smell that seemed to be wafting from some unknown location. Might have been whatever my couch-mate ordered, some pressed sandwich plus leafy green pile combo, or the gentleman in the next chair over's shoes. Or the couch I was sitting on. Or me. Regardless, I even managed to switch gears after an hour, to be social. A woman I only knew of last week showed me Scrivener, which is apparently a "word organizer." She and the man sitting next to her both sang the program's praises, though neither seemed fully apprised of its utility. He brought some very helpful looking books. They had titles like How to Write Science Fiction that Sells, and The First Five Pages. When I met him on last week, he told he had been through Orson Scott Card's writing boot camp. His story idea was written on a little sheet of paper, surrounded by a bubble, and there were arrows and sentences jetting off in all directions from it. I got a little dizzy looking at it, and did not look at any of his books.

All in all, I think I've joined a good group. I counted no less than five people who were actually writing. I left early, but then, my writing was done. Plus I felt like I was getting in the way of the people who were finally get into some kind of groove, with all my "My name is" and "We met whens." Talk first, write second. Talk first... write second?


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