Friday, July 12, 2013

Secrets in

Yesterday, a guest blog I did for another writer I recently met went live. Here's the link. It was a little different because the woman was more involved with the process than others I've worked with. She through out some ideas, and the one that caught me was looking back on the series up to this point, and why I had written it all in the first place. It struck me in that I didn't think it was a story I would ever tell. I was glad for her idea. This is the same author who introduced me to the group that ought to be producing a review for one of my books pretty soon. That situation had some firsts, too.

In my mind, it was a good plan. Get someone to review the first book. Get someone else to review the second book. Announce the publication of the fourth book. I think it was one of those situations where it felt like a whirlwind in my mind, but really it wasn't even a full lung of air. It turned out the reviewers called me, saying they liked the second book, but were a little confused about there being indications of a first, and they asked if they could also read that. It was good to hear that they were interested, but it also revealed my initial plan to be a bad one. Still, it was nice for once that what looked to be a wrong number turned out to be someone who was actually looking for me, and what's more for the author me.

But that experience made me realize that I shouldn't be trying so hard to publish so quickly. Just today, a friend told me he had started reading the second book and he was excited. Meanwhile, I have plans for another chapter on the 8th book this weekend. Oops.

They say a mistake only becomes an error when one refuses to correct it. And that's not to say that I've come to realize the right thing to do, only that writing more is at the worst a lateral move. It can't hurt, much, and still has the chance to yield something great. So, I'm going to cut this short in lieu of some overdue sleep. I have work to do that only a few people know about. And you.

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